What insurance do I need to WWOOF in the USA?

May 29, 2023

Accident Insurance

In the USA, WWOOFers are automatically enrolled in WWOOF-USA’s Accident Insurance Policy, which covers WWOOFers for most accidents that could occur while WWOOFing at an American host farm.

Travel Insurance

Please note, the Accident policy does not include insurance for illness or other medical issues. We encourage all USA participants to purchase travel medical insurance in case of illness or other unexpected travel issues. 

We partner with and recommend Volunteer Card. Please note that Volunteer Card is a travel insurance policy and only is valid if purchased prior to your departure date and travel is at least 100 miles away from home.

Hosts may ask to see proof of medical or travel insurance when WWOOFers arrive, if desired. Additionally, most hosts have some types of coverage in their homeowner’s policy, however we are not experts on insurance, so we can’t give you advice. When you sign up for WWOOF-USA®, you assume responsibility for any risks.

If you are a WWOOFer injured while WWOOFing at an American host farm, please contact WWOOF-USA for assistance in submitting a claim. WWOOFers will need to pay for medical treatment and then submit receipts to the Accident Insurance Policy provider for reimbursement.

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