Woman-Operated WWOOF Farms Await

Aug 8, 2023

Get ready to be inspired as we shine a spotlight on inspiring woman-operated WWOOF host farms! 

You’re invited to learn more about the empowering efforts of the 430 female farmers, ranchers and homesteaders who have embraced sustainable practices and are ready to share their knowledge with visitors like you.

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Here are a few woman-operated hosts with immediate availability:

Blueberries and Abundant Gardens in Oregon

Experience the beauty of organic farming amidst blueberry fields and an apple and pear orchard in this picturesque Oregon valley. 🫐 Join for an inspiring adventure where you’ll not only enjoy delicious meals straight from the garden, but also learn about sustainable living, alternative energy, and different farming practices from these friendly long-time hosts.

A Black & Brown-led Farm in Massachusetts

This host farm and sanctuary invites visitors to learn about biodynamic practices, community building, participate in spiritual activities, and engage with natural surroundings. 🌱 Unite as they honor the legacy of the revolutionary Elizabeth ‘Mumbet’ Freeman, celebrating connection, creativity, and education in the ancestral homelands of the Mohican Nation.

Cut Flowers & Edible Blooms in Illinois

Experience sustainable flower farming first-hand! 🌻 Visit this diverse and vibrant community and get ready to dig into daily farm life on this production farm just two hours south of Chicago. Solo WWOOFers and couples are welcome. Accommodations include your own freshly remodeled private tiny home!

Medicinal Herb Farming in Montana

Join this host for an immersive experience where you’ll grow not just organic herbs in beautiful northern Montana, but also yourself. 🌿 Forge connections through community building, competence, and purpose as you embrace the rhythms of nature and cultivate excellence together. Visitors welcome from one day up to several months!

BIPOC-Operated Farm in Alabama

Rooted in a love for agriculture and the rhythms of nature, this farm nurtures a vibrant ecosystem. ☀️ Come join their farm family, where they listen to the vibrations of the earth, sun, moon, and water, and celebrate the bountiful harvest nature graciously provides! WWOOFers are welcome to visit from one weekend, up to a full growing season.

Flourishing Food Forest in Vermont

From helping to plant native species fruits, berries & nuts, to building structures and raised beds, you’ll be learning all while contributing to localized veggie production for this host farm’s food pantry. 🥬 Opportunities to learn about timber framing and natural building are also available to WWOOFers who are interested!

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