Hosting Standards

For several years, new hosts have gone through a few steps that may not have been in place when older hosts originally signed up with WWOOF. In order to maintain the high standards of the WWOOF program, we have recently begun verifying that all hosts – old and new – are meeting these same standards. 

We will be contacting you in the coming months to verify that you’re meeting the current standards by completing the steps below. If there’s any you have not yet completed, you can do so now.

Each step should only take a few minutes to complete:

  1. Describe your accommodations and meal plan in your profile description.
  2. Upload an interior photo of your WWOOFer sleeping area to your profile.
  3. Sign WWOOF’s Respectful Relationships Policy.
  4. Contact us to become ID verified.
  5. Respond to any unanswered messages so your response rate is above 80%.

You can complete these steps at any time! WWOOF appreciates your commitment as a host to providing a safe, educational, and fulfilling experience to WWOOFers. Thank you!