🎉 Ready to Turn College into an Adventure? Go WWOOFing!

Looking for an internship? WWOOFing isn’t just about organic agriculture and sustainability – it’s about learning, discovery, friendships, and embracing the spirit of adventure! 

🌟 Why WWOOF?

  1. Over 1,400 hosts with learning opportunities! 🌾
  2. Flexible hours! Go intense or spread your farm visit(s) across the semester. 📆
  3. Choose between exploring a nearby farm or venturing into a previously unexplored region of the United States. 
  4. Because … why not have a blast while earning credit or completing an internship?

🎓 Quick Facts, YOU:

  • Choose the farm, when you want to visit, and how long you want to WWOOF for.
  • Help out for about half-a-day on the farm, generally 5 days per week.
  • Get free room, board, and knowledge about sustainable agriculture from your host.
  • Tailor your WWOOF experience to fit your college’s internship or class credit requirements.

🚀 Turn Your WWOOF Dreams into College Credit in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Check out the WWOOF host directory. Find a farm that matches your interests and schedule.
  2. Not a member yet? Join WWOOF-USA.
  3. Contact hosts to ask questions and line up your farm visit.
  4. Let us know about your plans.

🌱 Crafting Your WWOOF Internship: Every farm is unique. Ask your host questions and discuss the details beforehand – schedule, tasks, and focus of the internship before diving in. 

🌿 Questions? We’re All Ears! Whether you have questions about setting up the internship, or need some official paperwork for your college, we’re here to help. Once you confirm your farm visit with a host, let us know so we can back you up with necessary agreements or documentation.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the WWOOF adventure and turn your college years into a story worth telling!