Future Farmer Jenna’s Story

A Future Farmer celebrates food, earth, community –

and her dream of starting an urban farm.

Jenna dreamed of visiting farms internationally, but when COVID hit, she and her friend, Bri, turned their sights to farms closer to home. After Jenna was awarded a Future Farmers Grant, they were able to WWOOF at a farm in California that is a community hub for education, decolonization and food sovereignty.
They learned that it wasn’t just the physical work of farming that was meaningful. It was the shared conversations and the exchange of hopes and ideas that left the biggest impression.
“We bonded over dreams of farming, caring for the earth, fighting for justice in maternal healthcare, music, dance and more. The biggest take-away we had was the notion that it doesn’t take an expert to start growing, we all have the power to engage with the soil and produce food.”
Jenna and Bri are now working toward their own dream: Starting an urban farm and cafe together to celebrate their love of food, the earth, and community.
We want to address food insecurity in our communities in Missouri and Texas. We’ve seen how life-giving a community of souls who live and grow together can be and we want to share the love. This experience of WWOOFing inspired us in so many new ways to start our own farm!”
The WWOOF-USA Future Farmers Grant awards grants to individuals who are dedicated to growing nutritious food for their communities and are committed to going into farming as a career.

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