WWOOF-Verified Hosts

The WWOOF-Verified program was created in 2017 to highlight farms going above and beyond in their dedication to being super WWOOF hosts. While WWOOF hosts should all meet the standard hosting requirements, the WWOOF-Verified program helps to identify hosts who go the extra mile, are experienced hosts, and foster incredible WWOOF exchanges.

For hosts, being WWOOF-Verified is a badge of recognition and distinction and highlights their commitment to providing a positive WWOOFing experience. 

Over the years, the WWOOF-Verified program has continued to grow and evolve, continuously re-evaluating and refining its programs, in order to provide the best possible program for both hosts and WWOOFers.

In May 2023, we updated the WWOOF-Verified program to include the following points and are currently in the process of recertifying all hosts to meet these standards. Thank you for your patience while this process is completed.

Positive Reviews: WWOOF-Verified hosts have received five or more positive reviews. Feedback from previous WWOOFers helps ensure that the host is experienced and consistently provides an enriching visit.

Recent Review: At least one of the reviews received from a WWOOFer is from within the last year. This ensures that the host’s record is reflective of a WWOOFer’s recent stay.

Responsiveness: Hosts maintain a 90% response rate, meaning they respond to all requests from WWOOFers promptly. This status demonstrates their commitment to communication.

Reviews for WWOOFers: Hosts have written at least three reviews for previous WWOOFers. By engaging in the review process, hosts help strengthen the WWOOF community.

Enhanced Accommodations: Hosts provide accommodations beyond tent camping. This requirement ensures that WWOOFers have access to more comfortable living arrangements during their stay.

Shared Communal Meals: Hosts regularly share meals with WWOOFers. By fostering a sense of community through communal meals, hosts contribute to the cultural exchange and create a welcoming environment for WWOOFers.

Through the WWOOF-Verified program, our aim is to continue to highlight hosts who consistently offer an outstanding experience to WWOOF members. Thank you for being part of the WWOOF community!

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WWOOF is Hiring a Development Manager

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What insurance do I need to WWOOF in the USA?

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